DIY Episode 8: Di-Why Not?


DIY Episode 8: Di-Why Not?

Hosts: Jonathon Danforth &
George Tucker

Anthony Zoti,
Jack Rabid of ‘The Big TakeOver Magazine,
Jim Santo of the ‘Kennel Studio’,
Max Campbell and Joe Yakimicki from Oi the Boat Records and DIY Record pressing.

Record Date:


In this episode of DIY, we wrangle over self starting music labels, recording studios and music fanzines.  The joy, the passion and the quest to save music culture. Is bad music good for us? We debate the love of vinyl and the dichotomy our embracing of  digital formats.  Oh, and Jim Santo steals the curmudgeon crown right off of Tony Zoti’s head. Good Times.

Running Time: 1:04:35

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