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Gamer Weekly Episode 33: Volcano Bean

On today’s episode I have Gene and Mary from Volcano Bean and we’ll be talking about Battle Cakes. Host: Justin Bannister Guest: Gene and Mary of Volcano Bean Runtime: 28:11 Audio Only:   


Gamer Weekly Episode 31: Afro Ninja Productions

 On today’s episode of Gamer Weekly I have Shawn Tanner of Afro Ninja Productions and we’ll be talking about Soda Dungeon and the current state of mobile gaming. Host: Justin Bannister Guest: Shawn Tanner Runtime: 18:03 Audio Only:   


Gamer Weekly Episode 30: Deleted Fragment

On today’s episode of Gamer Weekly I have Scott, Marko, and Jeff from Deleted Fragment and we’ll be talking about their game Nightown. Host: Justin Bannister Guest: Scott, Marko and Jeff of Deleted Fragment Runtime: 18:03 Audio Only:     


Gamer Weekly Episode 26: Coffee Addict Studio

Charles Marcolim Junior of Coffee Addict Studio joins me on today’s episode and we’ll be talking Blade & Bones. Host: Justin Bannister Guest: Charles Malcolm Junior Runtime: 18:14 Audio Only:     


Gamer Weekly Episode 25: Keoken Interactive

Today’s episode of Gamer Weekly features Jordy Velasquez of Keoken Interactive and we’ll be talking about their game Deliver Us The Moon. Host: Justin Bannister Guest: Jordy Velasquez Runtime: 29:20 Audio Only:      https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=507288076


Gamer Weekly Episode 14: I Need Play

Shameer Chaudry of I Need Play is on this weeks episode and we’ll talking about learning how to make games and his latest game Apartment 666. Host: Justin Bannister Guest: Shahmeer Chaudry Runtime: 21:44 Audio Only:   


Gamer Weekly Episode 12: 100 Stones Interactive

Ben Droste of 100 Stones Interactive joins me on today’s show and we’re going to talk about their game Eyes of Ara, as well as terrifying things you can find in Australia. Host: Justin Bannister Guest: Ben Droste Runtime: 15:33 Audio Only:   


Gamer Weekly Episode 11: Made With Monster Love

Peter Cardwell – Gardner of Made With Monster Love joins me on today’s show and we’re going to talk about his sandbox music game, Cadence. Host: Justin Bannister Guest: Peter Cardwell- Gardner Runtime: 10:08 Audio Only:   


Gamer Weekly Episode 10: Too Kind Studio

On today’s show I have Ulysse Trezeres from Too Kind Studio and we’re going to talk about their game Pankapu. Host: Justin Bannister Guest: Ulysse Trezeres Runtime: 13:34 Audio Only: